How to Prepare ‘Brisket Tacos’ Recipe

‘Brisket Tacos’ Recipe:
Thanks for stopping by! You can thank us later, after completing easily and successfully the process of making an amazingly tasty and flavorful dish in the form of ‘Brisket Tacos’, on your own!

So, are you ready? Then start up the process by going through all the important details about the essential ingredients as well as the time required for making a delicious dish by name ‘Brisket Tacos’:

Time required for the ‘Preparation’: 15 to 25 minutes.

Time required for the ‘Cooking’: 270 to 280 minutes.

Total Time required: 285 to 305 minutes.

Yield: 7 to 8 serves.


01. Water: 1 cup.
02. Garlic Cloves: 3.
03. Onions (sliced): 2.
04. Dry Wine: 1/2 bottle.
05. Brisket: 1 of about 3 pounds.
06. Freshly Ground Black Pepper: 1 tablespoon.
07. Salt: 1 tablespoon or as needed according to the taste and requirement.

Note: Apart from the above listed ingredients, you will also need some other ingredients in the form of the ‘Salsa’ and also the ‘Tortillas’.

Now, it’s time to continue the process, by going through the detailed explanation of the step by step process of making the wonderfully delicious dish by name ‘Brisket Tacos’:


Step 01: First of all, you have to get set the oven by preheating it to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (175 degrees Celsius); Gas Mark – 4 (Moderate).

Step 02: Then it is the turn of the garlic cloves, as you need to insert the 3 garlic cloves in the brisket and to do so, you have to make narrow incisions in the brisket, so as to get the garlic cloves inserted in them properly.

Step 03: Now, it is the time to pick and use a big sized roasting pan (make sure the pan will be big enough in size, as it needs to hold all of the liquids), so as to get the so ready brisket laid in it, with the fat side up.

Step 04: The next thing to do is to get 1/2 bottle of dry wine and also 1 cup of water, poured over the brisket, that is readily laid in the big sized roasting pan.

Step 05: Then get the whole thing seasoned properly, by adjusting the salt and pepper, as needed according to the taste and requirement. Then it is the turn of the onion slices, as you need to arrange them, by spreading them uniformly.

Step 06: After all this process is over, you have to get the roasting pan covered with the foil and then place in the preheated oven, for about 270 to 280 minutes or so (considering 90 minutes per 1 pound of the brisket).

Step 07: As and when this particular duration of time required for the cooking process is over and then take out the pan from the oven, so as to transfer it onto a cutting board.

Step 08: Yes, it is the time for you to have the finishing touch and to do so, get the so ready brisket sliced properly, so that you can serve it in the flour tortillas with the salsa of your choice of taste and flavor, that is all.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are there with an impressive party perfect delicious dish by name ‘Brisket Tacos’, made easily and successfully on your own and it is all ready to serve!

So, what are you still waiting for? Simply serve it and keep enjoying the party thoroughly till the end, with all of your family members, dear friends as well as the beloved guests invited by you.

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