How to cook Romagna-Style Flat Bread Recipe

‘Romagna-Style Flat Bread’ is nothing but a thin Italian flatbread by name ‘Piadine’, typically prepared by using the ingredients like white flour, lard or olive oil, salt and water. This kind of thin flat bread which is also known as ‘Piada’ is originated from the ‘Romagna’ region in Italy.

The original and traditional Romagna-Style Flat Bread preparation actually requires a terracotta dish (called ‘Teggia’ in the Romagnol) for the cooking process, though in the recent days, the purpose is served by using some alternatives something like flat pans and/or electric griddles.

There is a plenty of availability of the Piadine – the ‘Romagna-Style Flat Bread’, in piadinerie (small open-fronted hut like stalls especially where the Piadine are usually sold immediately after preparation).

Romagna-Style Flat Bread Recipe

Romagna-Style Flat Bread Recipe

The diameter and thickness of the Piadine – the ‘Romagna-Style Flat Bread’, may vary depending on the region of production, but generally they will be all most similar, when it comes to the matter of different fillings such as cheeses, cold cuts, vegetables and also with some sweet fillings at times.

After going through some of the details about the ‘Romagna-Style Flat Bread’, a delicious Italian dish, now it is the time for all of us to enter into the details of a simple, easy but the effective recipe by which you can make your favorite ‘Romagna-Style Flat Bread’ and thereby to enjoy the amazing taste of a very popular Italian dish as well as to have the balanced nutrients with consumption of each serve:

Though there are virtually lots of ‘Romagna-Style Flat Bread’ recipes to choose from, but you have to choose the one that can help you in the preparation of such an imaginatively delicious one out of all others that the most of the guests might not have come across in any of the parties that they have attended till then.

If you follow this process of imagination and creativity, then you as a host can get and make delighted your guests with new flavors and ideas of the delicious ‘Romagna-Style Flat Bread’ and thereby certainly can have a “wow” from your guests as and when they have their very first bite, so that you as a host can be well satisfied.

Served Romagna-Style Flat Bread Recipe

Served Romagna-Style Flat Bread Recipe

So, if you too are eager to have such a pleasant hosting experience and then come, join us to know about the recipe for the ‘Romagna-Style Flat Bread’. So, let us move on to get into the detailed process of preparation of an easy, innovative, impressive and perfect version of ‘Romagna-Style Flat Bread’ – one of the delicious and popular Italian dish:

Now, let us go through all the important details about the essential ingredients as well as the time required for preparation and cooking of a classic traditional Italian dish by name ‘Romagna-Style Flat Bread’.

Total Time required for the delicious ‘Romagna-Style Flat Bread’ to get readied: 60 minutes.

Yummy Romagna-Style Flat Bread

Yummy Romagna-Style Flat Bread

Essential Ingredients for making the delicious and traditional dish by name ‘Romagna-Style Flat Bread’:

01. Milk: 300 milliliters.
02. Multi Purpose Flour: 500 grams.
03. Fresh Liquid Cream: 2 Tablespoons.
04. Baking Powder: 2 Teaspoons (15 grams).
05. Salt: 2 Teaspoons or according to the taste.

Now, it’s time to go through the detailed explanation of the step by step process of actually cooking for making the delicious and traditional dish by name ‘Romagna-Style Flat Bread’:

Instructions for making the delicious and traditional dish by name ‘Romagna-Style Flat Bread’:

Step 01: Get the ingredients like flour, chemical yeast, milk, salt and fresh cream mixed properly together and then knead the so prepared mixture until it gets smooth for about 5 minutes and let the dough be firm but make sure that it is not too dry or crumbly.

Variety Romagna-Style Flat Bread Recipe

Variety Romagna-Style Flat Bread Recipe

Step 02: Now, it is the time to make some equal parts of the so prepared dough, so as to shape them into balls of 2″ in size and thereafter cover with plastic wrap and wait for half an hour before you start baking.

Step 03: The next thing is all about rolling the so prepared ball shaped dough into round shaped flat bread and to do so, use a rolling pin and roll out until it gets flattened uniformly around 3 mm thick.

Step 04: It always better to use a fireproof stone for baking, so if you have such one, heat it, but if you don’t have and then heat an iron pan, until it is very hot and then start cooking the each piadina on both sides, pricking them with a fork, until it is brown on each side, for around 5 minutes.

Step 05: Then cover each of the so prepared piadina with a cloth to keep them warm and place on a wire rack while cooking the ball shaped dough.

That is all! Your favorite, an easy, innovative, impressive and the perfect party dish by name ‘Romagna-Style Flat Bread’ is ready to serve!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s the right time for you and your family as well as the beloved guests invited by you, to enjoy the amazing taste of the delicious Italian dish by name ‘Romagna-Style Flat Bread’, which is prepared and served by you as a mark of all the love and respect that you have towards all of them.

As different people from various regions all over the world may have slightly different choices about the taste and flavor of any food item, one can have some other optional additions to the above mentioned details, be it either the ingredients or cooking time, so that they can enjoy their favorite dish according their individual taste.

Rolled Romagna-Style Flat Bread Recipe

Rolled Romagna-Style Flat Bread Recipe

All in all, we assure you that a party-perfect ‘Romagna-Style Flat Bread’ Recipe, like the above one, can make you as a host and also your beloved guests well entertained, which can ultimately let you up to enjoy the fruits of the effort that you have put and the commitment you have shown till the end of the party, because it is always said and been proved rightly so that the first impression will always be the best impression and the same way, the well chosen party-perfect ‘Romagna-Style Flat Bread’ can carry on the positive impression achieved by their wonderful taste and flavor, all through the party till the end.

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